The list below describes the subject matter that has been or will be posted on this website. The list is in subject order rather than date order and, where a post on the subject has been made, a link is provided. If you are new to this website and wish to catch up, or if you want to refer back to a post, then please use these links.

  1. Evolution
    1. Schrodinger’s Other Paradox
    2. Basic Theory of Evolution
    3. Individual Level Natural Selection
    4. Kin Level Natural Selection
    5. Group Level Natural Selection
    6. The Influence of Group Level Natural Selection on Humanity
    7. Species and Ecosystem Level Natural Selection
    8. The Human Economy
    9. Is Mankind Still Evolving? – A Summary
  2. Human Needs
    1. The Hierarchy of Needs Reviewed
    2. Contra-needs and Existentialism
    3. The Tree of Needs
    4. Satisfiers and Contra-satisfiers
    5. Individuals, Generations, Age-groups, and the Prioritisation of Needs
    6. Sense, Order and Meaning
    7. Anti-social Needs and Behaviour
    8. Resources, Poverty and Wellbeing
    9. Obstacles to Wellbeing in the West
  3. Knowledge, Beliefs and Predispositions
    1. Feedback Loops and Emergent Properties
    2. Consciousness
    3. Schemata, Memes and Paradigms (1)
    4. The Acquisition of Knowledge
    5. Schemata, Memes and Paradigms (2)
    6. Why Consistency of Knowledge is Important
    7. Hereditary Predispositions, Personality and Beliefs
    8. Knowledge and Utility
    9. Improving our Knowledge of Human Nature
  4. Decision Making and Behaviour
    1. Do we have Free Will?
    2. Evidence in Favour of Free Will and the Consequences of its Denial
    3. How Needs and Contra-needs Motivate us
    4. Emotions
    5. Basic Emotions
    6. Emotions and Decision Making
    7. The Evaluation of Satisfiers and Contra-satisfiers
    8. The Evaluation of Resources and Risk/Benefit/Cost Assessment
    9. The Behavioural Loop or Cycle
    10. The Creative Process and Decision Making
    11. Causality and Behavioural Strategies
    12. Worldviews and Objective Reality
    13. Perspectivism and Poly-perspectivism
    14. Maintaining Independence of Mind
    15. Regret
  5. Causality and Systems Science
    1. Causality in More Detail
    2. General Systems Theory
    3. Further Principles of General Systems Theory
    4. Principles of Self-Maintaining Systems
    5. The Systems Approach to Communication
    6. Systems Theory from a Cognitive and Physicalist Perspective (pdf)
    7. How to Gain Understanding
    8. A Systems Model of Human Organisation (Part 1)
    9. A Systems Model of Human Organisation (Part 2)
    10. A Systems Model of Human Organisation (Part 3)
    11. Identifying Desirable Changes in Human Organisation
    12. Quality of Decision-making and Command (Part 1)
    13. Quality of Decision-making and Command (Part 2)
    14. Quality of Implementation of Commands
    15. Top-down and Bottom-up Representation
  6. How Organisations and Hierarchies Arise
    1. An Introduction to Organisations
    2. Competition and Co-operation
    3. How Organisations & Hierarchies Emerge
    4. Motivators
    5. Individual Response to Motivators
    6. Communication, Assembly & Organisation
    7. Belief System Emergence – Introduction
    8. Belief System Emergence – Culture
    9. Belief System Emergence – Ideology
    10. Hierarchy Emergence – Introduction
    11. Why We Follow a Leader
    12. Power
    13. Trading Status for Support & Vice Versa
    14. The Acquisition of Status
  7. How Organisations & Hierarchies Behave
    1. Organisational Needs
    2. Why Hierarchy is Necessary in Organisations
    3. Organisational Motivators, Satisfiers and Decisions
    4. How Organisational Size Affects Efficiency
    5. Knowledge, Language and Organisational Culture
    6. Culture, Sub-cultures and Cultural Evolution
    7. Progressive and Conservative Sub-cultures
    8. National Cultural Evolution
    9. Maintaining Hierarchies and Social Status
    10. Sectors
    11. Overview of Past and Present Sectors
    12. How Sectors are Inter-related and Overview of Emerging Sectors
    13. The Role of Art
  8. Social Systems Theory
    1. Are the Social Sciences Scientific?
    2. Basic Social Systems Theory
    3. Social Interactions (Part 1)
    4. Social Interactions (Part 2)
    5. Language
    6. Social Systems Theory in Practice – An Example (Part 1)
    7. Social Systems Theory in Practice – An Example (Part 2)
    8. Social Systems Theory and Practical Problem Solving (pdf)
  9. Why Organisations and Hierarchies Fail
  10. Religion
  11. Politics
    1. How to Reunite a Nation
  12. Commerce
  13. Existential Threats
  14. Ethics
  15. Obstacles to Our Progress and How to Overcome Them