The Mathematics of Language and Thought

A copy of my recently published book, “The Mathematics of Language and Thought”, is now available for free download on this website. Click here or go to “Menu Options”, “My Books” and click on the links.

The topic covered is mathematical logic. The book describes a new and innovative system which is axiom based, can be manipulated in a similar way to algebra, and which unites the various conventional logics, mathematics, and natural language using a single form of symbolism. Furthermore, it improves significantly on conventional tense and epistemic logics. It also replicates causality and natural human reasoning, which is, of course, probabilistic.

I have had the advantage of access to a word processor. Nevertheless, this work has taken 23 years to complete. I have the greatest admiration therefore for earlier innovators, such as Cantor, Frege and Russell, who had nothing but a fountain pen or a quill and inkpot to work with. Clearly, it was impossible for them to investigate the subject as deeply as they must have wished. What might they have achieved with present day technology?

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